The writings, teachings, and thoughts of Rav Dov Fischer, Esq., one of America’s most fascinating national Orthodox Jewish leaders and rabbis, on issues ranging from Israel, American Jewish life, Jewish ethics, and the weekly Torah Portion to matters pertaining to secular law, international politics, and rabbinic leadership.

About the Rav

Rabbi Dov Fischer is a leading national rabbinical thinker, a spiritual figure in American Orthodox Judaism and a popular adjunct professor of law, just to name a few of his roles.

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One, a classic work on Jewish religious thought, the other an analytical chronical of one of the most famous defamation lawsuits in Israel history – both are “must reads.”

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Rav Dov Fischer, Esq. is one of America’s most exciting, engaging, hysterically witty, and stimulating rabbis — and, in fact, one of the most fascinating public speakers that you ever will hear from any walk-of-life.




Rabbi Dov Fischer debates Hussam Ayloush, West Coast Regional Director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), on issues ranging from Israel, the Middle East, and the anti-Israel student disruptions at UCI.


And the DEBATE CONTINUES months later, this time on Islamophobia, the ill-conceived proposal for a Ground Zero Mosque, and waiting to hear the words: “I condemn the Hamas terrorist organization.”


“The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment” at a public demonstration in Orange County, California held by Stand Up for Religious Freedom.