New York “monster-in-law” sues her son for defamation

[quoted as legal expert on First Amendment defamation law and civil procedure,by Reuters 04-15-11]

(Reuters) – Lia Joseph became known worldwide as “monster-in-law” last year, after the media seized on a lawsuit filed by her own son accusing her of trying to stop him from marrying his fiancee.

Now Joseph has filed a lawsuit of her own, alleging defamation and infliction of emotional distress and seeking more than $15 million in damages.

Her suit, ...

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Discussing American Law on Curbing E-Mail Spam

[interview, as legal expert on First Amendment speech and web-spamming law, on German National Public Radio 06-09-11]

Spam senders are not safe from Daniel balm. The Californian sued them in court and has made his appeal to the profession. Former marketing executive is said to have earned his complaints more than a million dollars.

Whether willing women, cheap potency pills or extra income possibilities, all lands every day in various mail accounts. While most click Delete, the Californian Daniel Balsam takes action against the sender of spam.

Law against spam

Years ...

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Susan Powell’s family files suit to keep journals off Web permanently

[quoted, as legal expert on First Amendment privacy law and defamation law, by The Salt Lake Tribune 09-02-11]

To one family, the diaries are a reminder of a missing daughter whose husband has seemingly trampled her reputation since she disappeared.

To another family, childhood journals of Susan Cox Powell show evidence that points to why the 28-year-old mother of two vanished inexplicably on Dec. 6, 2009 — and why the public should stop asking them what happened to her.

Now, a Washington judge is set ...

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