The Two-State Solution As Final Solution

The Two-State Solution is indeed the most immoral suggestion of them all. It is a lie built on a foundation of mendacity. It also is doomed to failure because it is irrelevant.  History has passed it by.  Facts on the ground have made it moot.

The Bigotry of Banning Jews from Living in a Region

Imagine how many American communities over the years could have resolved their vicious racial issues simply by agreeing that Blacks need ...

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Land Without a Name

The recent landslide vote of the Israeli Likud party, completely rejecting an Arab country west of the Jordan River, reflects the mindset of the largest political party in Israel today. And there is good reason for that position — the land of Judea and Samaria, birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, does not necessarily belong to the Arab Islamic world.

It is instructive that the Arab world does not even have a name for the land. Think about it. “Palestine” is a ...

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We have the right to an indivisible Jerusalem

Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky invites a forthright open dialogue, a conversation about Jerusalem. Contemplating Israeli talks with those governing the autonomous Arab enclaves of Judea and Samaria — Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Authority — Rabbi Kanefsky writes that it is time for us to be honest about the story of Jerusalem. Employing the pages of The Jewish Journal, he particularly challenges those in the Orthodox Zionist community to converse, to be honest about Jerusalem.

I accept his invitation in these pages ...

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Thoughts About the 3 Kidnaped and Murdered Israeli Teen Boys

There are times to feel deep sadness.  One quietly breaks down in tears at a funeral.  But this week is not a time to be consumed as much by sadness as to be filled with anger, even quiet controlled rage.  And the rage well may be targeted not so much at the Other but at our own, those who should have known better.

The Koran compares Jews to monkeys and apes.  The Arab population of Gaza, ...

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We’re Right, the Whole World’s Wrong

“The whole world is demanding that Israel withdraw. I don’t think the whole world, including the friends of the Israeli people and government, can be wrong.”

— Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General, speaking in Madrid, Spain

At this moment in time, many Jews who love and support Israel hear the soft voice within, asking the question to which Kofi Annan recently alluded in Madrid: Can we alone be right, while the whole world around is wrong?

The evidence that we are ...

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Why — and whose — Jerusalem?

Several covens of Jew-haters, ranging from the Middle East to the more troubled and confused of American campuses like those at the University of California at Irvine (UCI), recently marked their “Nakba Day” to protest that a Jewish country ever was created in the Middle East. Today, Jerusalem Day, is my chance to respond by affirming the Jewish claim to an eternally undivided capital city of United Jerusalem.

Ever since I learned to pray, I learned about Jerusalem. In time, as ...

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Zionists On The Offensive

The great tragedy within contemporary Zionism is that Zionist leadership and articulators operate on a continuum of defensiveness, always reacting to the latest attack on Israel’s legitimacy. This “reactive defensive Zionism” is the same whether we look at Jewish organizations, Jewish political figures, or even at college Jewish activists. Zionists always “play defense.”

Defense certainly is an important part of a winning strategy. The best hockey and soccer teams still need to field a goalie. Football teams need a defensive squad, ...

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Who Chose Hamas to Lead Them? : Gazans Seek Sympathy After Voting in Terrorists Who Vow to Exterminate Jews

To understand the people of Gaza, who now lay claim to the passions of humanitarians-without-a-cause, one might begin by considering Gazans’ freely elected leadership: the Hamas terror network. And to understand Hamas, one might begin by looking closely at the Hamas logo. The logo’s center features swords and a golden-domed structure, but the squiggle at the top-center of the logo is most descriptive. One squiggle is worth a thousand words. That squiggle is not an Arabic symbol but ...

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Taking the West Bank Off the Chopping Block

The recent landslide vote of the Israeli Likud Party, utterly rejecting an Arab country west of the Jordan River, reflects the evolving mindset of the largest political party in Israel. There is good reason for that position — the land of Judea and Samaria, birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, does not belong to the Arab Islamic world. Why? After Oslo’s debacle, it should suffice to respond: Because.

But there is more. The Arab world does not even have a name ...

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The Overseers of Jenin

AMONG THE MAIN Mideast developments at this writing, it now appears that a United Nations commission will not be traveling to Jenin, but Yasser Arafat will be. The purpose of Arafat’s Jenin visit is to draw public sympathy for residents of the United Nations refugee camp there, where fierce fighting occurred several weeks ago. For Americans, perhaps our attention should focus more on underlying questions: Why is the United Nations running refugee camps for people who claim to be living ...

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