Who Will Watch the Watchdogs?

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has appointed a three-person investigative committee to visit the site in Jenin where Israeli efforts to uproot the infrastructure of terror have prompted Arab allegations of “massacre.” However, before the “fact-finding team” is dispatched, those who care about fairness should carefully investigate the investigators.

Jenin was the center of terror that trained 28 home-grown suicide bombers.

Twenty-three of them succeeded as homicide bombers. The area was controlled by the terrorist networks of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al ...

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Paying Palestinians Not To Work With Jews

Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestine Authority, we are told, comprise the moderate Palestinian alternative to the Hamas-driven vision of mayhem and terror in Gaza.  This assurance is repeated despite Abbas’s well-established biography as someone antipathetic to Jews as a people.  In his doctoral thesis, written at Moscow’s Institute of Oriental Studies, Abbas presaged Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by denying the Holocaust.  As a top lieutenant to Yasser Arafat – he named a son “Yasser” for his mentor – he was a ...

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Nothing will change in ‘Palestine’ during the transition from kaffiyehs and holsters to suits and ties

The irony for Israel and her supporters is that Arafat always has provided a clarity that many others around him obfuscate because the others wear business suits and ties rather than kaffiyehs and gun-holsters. They speak more cleverly, in the manner of Hanan Ashrawi and Saeb Erekat, than Arafat ever has. In his absence, extraordinary pressure will mount against Israel, even from her friends, who will insist: “We stood with you for all the Arafat Years and refused to ...

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A Time to Mull

So it turns out that the Arabs of Judea and Samaria really hate the guts out of us Jews.

For seven years, Israel had been engaging in confidence-building steps. Israel even gave Yasser Arafat weapons to build a police force and agreed to patrol in “joint Israeli-Palestinian patrols” to maintain the civility of the polity in Judea and Samaria. For peace, Israel pulled back from Jewish holy sites and ceded land she rightly could have claimed for eternity.

Arafat never quite ...

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The Game of Learning to Live with It

As I read the grim news from Israel daily — the acts of terrorism, the murders of men, women, and children; the deadly shootings on the roadways — I am struck increasingly by how Israelis have become inured to it all. And that truly is Israel’s worst problem, that the society has “learned to live with it.” They have “learned how to go on” with their lives.

I am reminded of a “Star Trek” episode from the original series, in which two planets are ...

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Israeli Public Relations: Road to Nowhere and Friendly Fire in the P.R. War

It took me forty years to figure it out, but I think I finally have figured out that Israel is not going to win any PR wars. The best we can hope for is that Fox News remains the way it is, along with the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal. Until Israel gives up Judea, Samaria, and half of Jerusalem, she will not win any PR wars. Only after she does so will she enjoy the great-and-enduring PR gains ...

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“J” Street, Growing up on the Street, and Street Survival: Why Israel Cannot Abide the Morons Who Call Themselves “Friend”

Today’s “J Street” was yesterday’s Peace Now and Breira. Always rushing to “make peace,” to trust Arafat to keep his word, to encourage and push Israel to sign Oslo Accords.

I like to think of myself as an intellectual, too. I do not cede that ground to the “J Street” crowd. But I also grew up a bit on the streets. I know both sides – the people who attended Columbia University with me, the law school types, the scholars. ...

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A Country With Only One Option

When the thunderous claps in Heaven jolted Orange County out of our rooms a few Sunday mornings ago, I thought of Israel.  When the earth – almost simultaneously – thundered below our feet in a 3.8 earthquake, I thought of Israel.  What must it be like to live in Nahariyah, Tz’fat, Ashdod, or Haifa – and be jolted out of bed all night and out of one’s home all day by incessant thunder and earthquake?

That Sunday morning’s earth-shaking rattlings ...

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Why I Love Israel and Am Proud to Be Judged by Her Standards

Because I am Jewish, of course, I love Israel. It is my cultural patrimony, even as America, the land of my birth and that of my parents, is the country I love and to which I owe my allegiance. In fact, after I lived in Israel for two years during my 30s, I came back to America more appreciative than ever for the unique things and values that America has given me. The English language and the puns within it. ...

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Palestine’s Peace May Lie East of the Jordan

Over the past 18 months, Americans have been bombarded with images comparing rock-throwing young Arabs with the Israelite David who confronted Goliath in biblical days. Images of kaffiyeh-bedecked youths hurling rocks and boulders at Israeli soldiers have occupied network television news footage and newspaper telephotos.

On the surface, their actions seem parallel to the ancient David’s. Both threw rocks.

But David did not hijack wagons. And David did not murder children. And David did not endanger bystanders. He specificly attacked Goliath, ...

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