Talking Turkey

Turkey has been at the center of the now infamous flotilla incident involving aHamas-connected Turkish “NGO” which attempted to run an Israeli naval blockade off the coast of Gaza. The flotilla was supported financially by Hamas and peopled primarily by their Turkish allies. It was purportedly seeking to transport 10,000 tons of humanitarian supplies to Gaza.  But in fact, Israel supplies Gaza with 15,000 tons of food, medicines, and related humanitarian support every week.  There seems to be more here than meets ...

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Israel after the Flotilla Debacle

Maybe this is the wake-up call that Israel needs before acquiescing to a “Two-State Solution.”

In the aftermath of the Flotilla Debacle, Israel finds herself mired in an unmitigated public relations conundrum. She was backed into a corner by clever propagandists, Hamas supporters, anti-Zionist extremist NGOs, hostile neighbors including an increasingly radicalized Turkish government, and a liberationist Left that invariably roots for the wrong underdog.
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A Flotilla-for-Fun to Attila the Hun?

When mass murder was rampant in Rwanda, did the “International Solidarity Movement” run supply flotillas?  What would Kamal Ataturk have done if a civilian flotilla were sent to Armenia while the Turks were committing genocide there?  When President John F. Kennedy blockaded Cuba, would anyone have tried running a flotilla through to Havana?  If they had, what would the U.S. Navy have done if they refused to stop?  Has anyone tried running a parade of boats to Guantanamo Bay ...

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And Israel Just Keeps Going and Going and Going and Going and Going

With all the talk about peripheral issues arising from the War in Iraq, it is useful to remember that, one day comparatively soon, America will depart from that jungle. By contrast, Israel has no such option. Americabrought down the Taliban and Saddam, and we all are grateful to see them gone. But America also encountered more than she planned for in post-Saddam Iraq.

Regardless of how one views the War, virtually all Americans are agreed that we are glad the Taliban and Saddam are out of ...

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Judea and Samaria Will Outlive Us All

In approximately eighteen months, Barack Obama may well be a lame duck limping to January.

During the same period, more thousands of Jews will continue being added to the population of Judea and Samaria.  Since 1967, several powerful world leaders who worked to oust Israel from Judea and Samaria have passed away.  During that same period, the Jewish population of Judea and Samaria, including the areas of East Jerusalem liberated in June 1967, has grown to 558,000 — 230,000 in Greater ...

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The Mumbai (Bombay) Massacre of Jews

Not all Jews, even the Torah-observant Jews among us, even Chassidic Jews, count themselves as Chabad Jews. There are doctrinal differences, sometimes very significant, that individuate Chabad from the larger normative Orthodox community. Particularly, there are real issues of profound halakhic significance concerning the place of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the constellation of great Torah leaders of the past generation. For an overwhelming majority of Orthodox Jews, particularly in communities where yeshivas proliferate and Torah learning dominates Orthodoxy, the roles of ...

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Arafat’s Words Will Boost Annexation

George Shultz was right when he barred PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat from entering the United States to address the U.N. General Assembly, and he is equally on target now that he has opened a dialogue with the same PLO. The Israelis, who lauded the first decision but are lamenting the second, can blame only themselves for recent developments.

Israel has militarily occupied Judea, Samaria and Gaza since 1967, yet has taken no steps to assert its claim to the territories. ...

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Again, Politics of Appeasement Isolate the Jews

No one in my family was directly touched by the Nazi Holocaust. Nor did any of my friends lose any relatives to Hitler. While that unspeakable tragedy has deeply affected the psyche of every Jew born in the past half century, not many of us directly experienced what it was like to be a Jew in that era.

Until now.

Since Thursday night, when the first Iraqi Scud missiles landed in Tel Aviv and Haifa, I have been emotionally spent. Although I ...

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When Professors Throw Rocks

Disagreements should be settled with words, not deadly weapons.

That’s a basic rule of civilized society, and it defines the parameters of the Free Marketplace of Ideas that highlights American civil discourse.  It is a rule that applies equally to plumbers, to auto mechanics, to locksmiths – and, as should go without saying, to members of the academic community, including college professors.  At least, that is what they taught me during my undergraduate days at Columbia University.

And ...

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The Quana Incident

The Israeli bombing this weekend in the Arab town of Qana was the subject of widespread condemnation.  It even prompted the Israeli Prime Minister to announce a suspension of air attacks for 48 hours.  It is important to recognize that Hezbollah deliberately establishes rockets and launchers, and stations its headquarters and fighters, in the heart of civilian populations.  That is how Arafat did it.  That is how Hamas and the PLO and all the others in Fatah and Islamic ...

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