It Would Be Nice if We Did Something

Several years ago, before I became an attorney, the news of Iran’s star-chamber proceedings and convictions of Jews would have sent me protesting in the streets. I would have joined – or organized – massive protests, including nonviolent sit-downs at major arteries, like Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles and Park or Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

Now, because I am an attorney, I will not do that. And I essentially believe that nothing less than that will help these Iranian Jews. ...

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Time to Survive

Either the authoritarians of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority have the power to direct, control, intercept and stymie Arab terrorist attacks against Israel, or they do not. If this year’s proliferation of Arab mass murder has been within the Palestinian Authority’s power to control, then those events confirm that the Palestinian Authority has no right to exist as a polity. On the other hand, if the Palestinian Authority cannot control the anti-Israel terror emanating from within its borders, ...

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Not This Month

The recent brouhaha in Israel, occasioned by an unfortunate rush to pre-judgment by the Israeli High Court of Justice, raises a question for us all to consider: How do we indeed relate to the Other? In a world where there is racism and bigotry between Black and White, Shiite and Sunni, Hutu and Tutsi – where and how do we Jews stack up?

For that matter – in a world of bloodshed and internecine violence among ...

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At Last Israel is Whole, Territories Won Fairly in War Must be Annexed

Now that Yasser Arafat has been on American television appealing for “justice” and “fairness,” almost evoking some modicum of sympathy, it is clear that Israel has done something wrong. Its supporters know this far better than do its ubiquitous critics. Israel has indeed done something very wrong.

For more than two decades Israel has failed to present a coherent program for the Gaza Strip and Judea-Samaria (the region called “the West Bank”). Few know why Israel is there, and virtually no ...

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Measure for Measure: Bin Laden Gets His Last Fifteen Minutes

The American Administration should release the Bin Laden photo(s).  Not because the photos will prove he was killed.  Photos on the internet prove nothing — just ask Elvis.  Not because of “spiking a football.”  But because those who celebrated Bin Laden’s evasion of G-d’s Justice and American determination should be reminded, in the thousand words that a picture provides, that there is no evading G-d’s justice and that Bin Laden and his fellow shark food aspirants were writing America’s epitaph way too prematurely.  Bin ...

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A Killer Walks

It will not be through the Palestinian Authority that Yael Botwin’s murderer is punished.

It was three years ago this week that Palestinian Arab murderers bombed Jerusalem’s cheery, cafe-lined Ben Yehuda Street into a nightmare of death and destruction – murdering, among others, Yael Botwin, a 14-year-old girl from Claremont. This past week, Mahmoud Abu-Hanud, the butcher who masterminded the murders, finally was uncovered. Yet, paradoxically, he still walks free, while three Israeli soldiers lie dead ...

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