The Two-State Solution As Final Solution

The Two-State Solution is indeed the most immoral suggestion of them all. It is a lie built on a foundation of mendacity. It also is doomed to failure because it is irrelevant.  History has passed it by.  Facts on the ground have made it moot.

The Bigotry of Banning Jews from Living in a Region

Imagine how many American communities over the years could have resolved their vicious racial issues simply by agreeing that Blacks need ...

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Land Without a Name

The recent landslide vote of the Israeli Likud party, completely rejecting an Arab country west of the Jordan River, reflects the mindset of the largest political party in Israel today. And there is good reason for that position — the land of Judea and Samaria, birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, does not necessarily belong to the Arab Islamic world.

It is instructive that the Arab world does not even have a name for the land. Think about it. “Palestine” is a ...

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Census And Non-Census

Jewish population statistics fascinate me. As with other kinds of surveys, they tell some truths, misrepresent others. As Mr. Merlis, my yeshiva high school social studies teacher, used to say: “Figures can’t lie, but liars can figure.”

Surveys play a powerful role in influencing public policy. When advocates of a political party wrongly are told by surveys that their candidates will get beaten severely on election day, they are more inclined to stay home, not vote, and consequentially fulfill the ...

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