Discussing American Law on Curbing E-Mail Spam

[interview, as legal expert on First Amendment speech and web-spamming law, on German National Public Radio 06-09-11]

Spam senders are not safe from Daniel balm. The Californian sued them in court and has made his appeal to the profession. Former marketing executive is said to have earned his complaints more than a million dollars.

Whether willing women, cheap potency pills or extra income possibilities, all lands every day in various mail accounts. While most click Delete, the Californian Daniel Balsam takes action against the sender of spam.

Law against spam

Years ago, almost eight he quit his job in marketing and made a legal education.Since the day he sued the sender, the subject line is misleading. According to the existing anti-spam law in the United States such mails are prohibited.

With the lawsuits, Daniel Balsam, he had already received more than one million U.S. dollars in compensation. Per spam email sometimes he gets up to $ 1,000.