General Sharon's War Against Time Magazine: His Trial and Vindication

General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine: His Trial and Vindication


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One of the most powerful men in the Middle East a legendary Israeli war hero and Cabinet minister Travels 6,000 miles to do battle with an arrogant publishing empire. He charges that has been libeled, his reputation ruined by a magazine which has a bias against him and the State of Israel. They claim he is a cynical politician trying to salvage in a Manhattan courtroom what he has lost back home. . . . his good name. Not since America’s General Patton has the world seen a warrior for freedom like israe|’s General Sharon The trail-blazing heroic General. . .heralded by Moshe Dayan as “Israels Number One Soldier”. . . The man who sing|e handed turned around the 1973 Yom Kippur War. . . . Architect of Israel’s new politics. . ‘. . Champion of the free world, archenemy of Soviet expansionism and marxist. PLO terrorism. The extraordinary story of how the Legendary israeli hero took on the TIME empire and won! He fought a lengthy battle for his vindication in one of the landmark trials of American history and in the process and gained the respect and admiration of millions of Americans.